Household appliances

Appliances from our offer is characterized by exceptional strength and stability. To ensure safety, we offer you a three year warranty and service within 24 hours, regardless of place of residence.


Washing machines

Modern design is not the only way to be happy ircShape washing machines are available in energy class A +++, which allows for greatly reduced electricity consumption, and hence, a significant reduction in electricity bills.


Dishwashers ircShape make life easier, quietly and efficiently helping chores.



Enter the world of refrigerators wielodrzwiowych. Discover a new definition of space in the refrigerator, which allows storage of the products take on a new dimension.


Technology AntiFrost less trouble for you, for your products freshness and cleanliness and order in the refrigerator. With AntiFrost food longer retains the flavor and nutritional value.


Electric ovens

The world's first dual cooking with steam! Save time getting ready two different dishes at the same time. Cook healthy - cook steamed! Discover the possibilities offered by the humidification steam during baking.

Steam cleaning

Do not waste your time and do not waste energy on inefficient oven. Features such as steam cleaning shorten the time spent in the kitchen, and in addition are more environmentally friendly.


Microwave Oven

Quick meal preparation thanks to the Quick Defrost. The possibility of saving through lower energy by 40% in standby mode.

Vacuum cleaners

Creating a digital map of the house improves the vacuuming. Faster vacuuming by blocking tangled cable. Carpet cleaner thanks to streamlined collection of fur animals.