Consumer electronics

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LED technology sets a new canon in the aesthetics of design TVs. Monumental display, unique design. The ideal solution for your home.

Smart TV

Smart TV is an advanced entertainment in a futuristic version. Thanks to the revolutionary functionalities such as S Recommendation you can forget about the executions of time to browse the hundreds of channels. Your TV itself will suggest you the most popular programs.



Enter the world of cinema of emotions through playing DVDs with better quality. Do not miss your favorite radio programs, even when you are away from home. Transfer music from CD to digital MP3 format.

Home cinema

Turn your living room into an exclusive concert hall. Amplifier with vacuum lamps giving a warm and rich sound. Ceramic membrane made of polypropylene suitable sounds of exceptional quality.



Capture magic moments. Take professional pictures with the lens ircSpectrum. The highest quality of photographs provides a matrix of very high resolution.